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Ocean Liners.US

Maritime Art Gallery and Oceanliner Memorabilia

Welcome to the online gallery of Maritime Artist Russell T Parmerter.

NOTE: Many of the paintings in this gallery are photographed prior to completion for purposes of detecting a fraud from an original artists print.

Navigate this site using the tabs on the port side (LEFT) of each page to browse artwork depicting steamships, cruiseships, ocealiners, aircraftcarriers, destroyers, troopships and tugboats. You will view limited edition artprints of ships such as Normandie and France of the French Line. United States and America of our Merchant Marine. Queen Mary and others of the Cunard Line, the ill-fated Titanic and more vessels of the White Star Line.

While browsing through the gallery of my paintings and illustrations you will be able to click on images and receive a short history lesson on each vessel. This is an ongoing project as more information is added to each vessel as it is found.

More paintings are added over a years time as they are completed. The "new" paintings have been added at some point in the year you are viewing them

In these pages you will see many things nautical and vintage as well as reproductions of vintage items

Below are two highly detailed constructions each from a Glenco SS France model depicting the completed France on the left as built in 1962 and the ongoing construction of Normandie as she appeared in her first season in 1935. To view more details on the building of these click the SS France and SS Normandie links in the navigation bar.

The Navigation bar is on the left hand side of each page.


Mr. Parmerter is a living artist and sells his works at affordable prices to the general ship buff and ocean liner enthusiast. Be excited by the low prices since these Limited Edition prints are published by the artist. Building personal long lasting relationships with his customers is the goal. Decorate your walls now since all of the items here are limited edition only. No open editions will be offered. Original works can be purchased after edition completion. See more on facebook or Email me for more info

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If you wish to use any images present on these pages please contact the artist and an arrangement can be made.