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Building Normandie

Turn your SS France to SS Normandie

My newest play project, an old broken ITC SS France model.

After reading the book...Damned by Destiny ...I have decided to test the opinion of one of it's writers. The SS France was really a reconfigured 1930's design named SS Bretagne and modeled on the hull lines of the SS Normandie. I am well aware that Normandie was shorter by 6 ft. and wider by 9 ft. Was this a new 1930's hull design by Vladimir Yourkevitsch? (Wladimir Yorkawitsch) Let me know if you have any evidence to support or discredit this hypothesis via the "contact the artist page"

After a few weeks of research I have found that the SS France was a new design from the late 1950's with many new hull models being created and tank tested. (More details to come)

boats_row_one boats_row_two boats_row_three

As we can plainly see the hull form is very similiar and the superstructure fits nicely though it overhangs more than the original Normandie. Keep checking back often as this page is updated 2-3 times per month.

If you wish to use any images present on these pages please contact the artist and an arrangement can be made.